The Republic of Haiti officially recognized two National  Languages: Creole and French; nonetheless, Creole is found spoken by everyone on the island while French is simply spoken by a few. Many believed the fact majority of the population aren’t fluent in French has crippled the advancement of the citizen as a whole. Because there have been a prejudice culture plaguing those whom only speak Creole; generally most Haitians feel very much proud to express themselves in French other than Creole, the latter is ironically one of the most complete medium  of communication in the entire Republic. Out of ignorance, those whom neglected their natives tongue have fallen short of appreciating Creole as one of Haiti National Languages.

For some years, many diplomats, politicians, business men, and Non Governmental Organization have decided to learn to speak Creole, so they could better understand the Haitian culture and the people.
The Creole Academy, located in Haiti has been working very  hard to promote and influence one of the beautiful Haiti National Language, the Creole. Today every citizen in the world has the opportunity to learn to speak, read, an write Creole.

Let’s watch a video of the Creole Alphabet; no body can ever forget their ABC’s…

During one of my trips to the country  last year, I was amazed to see how many visitors and expatriates were fluently speaking Creole. So, I took it upon myself to further investigate the phenomenon. It did not take long to find out what has been happening in Haiti and abroad; Creole has becoming so popular that it is even taught in some colleges and universities in the United States.

Let’s check out a second lesson of how to make the sounds, and pronounce some words  in Creole.

In case anyone asks, make sure to tell them, the Creole is alive and doing very well.

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Cheers, Joakin