Haiti is Beautiful

Have you seen Haiti in Video? If You have;  9 out of 10 it was Things like the devastating earthquake of January 2010, and/or the political unrest of that island. It is not uncommon for people to assume that  island I call home to be a deserted piece  of land. Well; if you have not been to Haiti and only believed what the news media chose to show you, you have no idea how amazingly beautiful Haiti is. Haiti in Video will definately help you make your own conclusion of the beauty of the island.

Many  tourists visited Haiti and fell in love with the landscape, the warm beaches, the arts, the food and the people. Some visitors have returned, but others have made Haiti their home. I want to give you a taste of my island, and tease you with its beauty.

The Poorest Country in the Caribbean

Sure, just like any other country there is a down side. We have been through a lot stress locally and internationally. However, Haiti is a unique country, with its own difficulties; and its unique beauty. The first time  someone visit Haiti, they are quick to realize there is another side to Haiti; than what everyone has been talking about in the media. Just like any island in the Caribbean we have beautiful beaches, delicious food, great art, awesome music, beautiful people, and more.

 Sharing is sexy

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