Happy Valentines Day To All the Love Birds

I wanted to get this out of the way before we discuss the Real Question.

Can Women buy flowers for men?| Eske fanm kapab achte fle pou gason?

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Before we could intend to answer this question, we must first do some research to figure  out  if there are specific meanings or symbolism behind certain flowers and/or their characteristics. Well; it happens there is Floriography which is a fancy name for the language of Flowers. There is even a Japanese noun Hanakotaba, that associates certain flowers with a different meaning and mystery.

Can Women Buy Flowers for Men?

Whichever side of the  planet you are from, we each find a certain symbolism in flowers to express our feelings towards one another. As the great designer puts it: “After women, Flowers are the most  lovely thing God has given the world.” Christian Dior

Some people may find a mood elevation in presence of certain color of flowers. while, the aroma itself plays a trick in the mind of even the blind. So, why don’t women buy flowers for their men? Poukisa fanm pa achte fle pou gason?

Haiti is Home of a multitude of tropical or exotic flowers. They are found in the mountains all over the island; however, only a few shops sell flowers.


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We Left  it to you t o continue the discussion: Can Women Buy Flowers for Men?

Eske Fanm Kapab Achte Fle Pou Gason?





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