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IMG_20141002_043938I am forever grateful for the opportunity to live in the USA, and raise my children in this great country that I proudly served.During my time in the US Marine Corps, I visited over 13 different countries and enjoyed the food and the culture of every one of them. I have learned many great things about those countries and also realized the best way to learn about a country’s culture, its food, its arts, and its people is to go ahead and visit that country.  We can not rely on the news media  to inform us about almost anything nowadays; after all there is not a big market for good news.  Bad news is where the money is!  January 12, 2010 an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 shook Haiti and left a death toll of 100,000 to 160,000. Most of the country’s basic infrastructure was ruined. However; the country has fought hard to make a comeback, despite its challenges.  For the past 4 years I have been going back and rediscovered Haiti; and found something much kept of a Secret.    The streets of Haiti are flooded with foreigners; tourists are back. The beach front Hotels  and the resorts almost have zero vacancy, the restaurants are always full. The tourists are back and the news media are not reporting anything about the comeback.

Taking matters in my own hands; I decided to let my friends know about Haiti and what makes it stands apart among the other places they normally vacationed to. Haiti is not only about the beaches and the sunshine, Haiti is that specific part of the world history which has been hidden in the archives for too many years. Haiti is the true land of the Free. Visit Haiti and heal your soul.

I introduce you Karamel509.com; your inside guy from Haiti. Karamel509.com is simply a website geared towards building and maintaining a friendlier relationship among Haiti, and people all around the world.

With the Karamel509.com  my main goal is to promote the island of Haiti and the beauty of its people to the world. Haiti has been one of the greatest vacation destination for many decades. Many celebrities  have made it their number one secret getaway. President Bill Clinton and Hilary know all about the magic of the Haitian beaches and its sunset. They have spent many romantic nights under the beautiful sky of Haiti. They even spent their honeymoon on the island.

Karamel509.com took for mission to bring you the best vacation spots of Haiti, its many natural wonders, its arts and its people. We recommend you to make this blog your #1 go to site for travel information on Haiti. Together,  we are going to re-discover Haiti; the Perl of the Caribbean and the jewel of the western hemisphere. Please ensure to leave us your comments. Share with us your experience if you’ve already been to Haiti, and/or let us know what information are of your interests.

Already; we invite you to pack your swimsuit. Your next Haitian Vacation is right around the corner.

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